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Rafi Gabbay, Designer and HotMat founder.

The HotMat was invented and designed by Jerusalem born and bred industrial designer Rafi Gabbay, graduate of the exclusive Bezalael Academy's  Master in Design program.


The idea was born when Rafi, still a student at Hadassah College Design School, sketched some ideas for his final project. The idea of a foldable warming tray emerged and with it the determination to transform the idea into a real product. Drawing on his rich experience in product development and design, Rafi then began the fascinating journey of turning his sketch into a product.


In 2009  Rafi founded Rolla RWT Ltd., a registered company, together with high-tech entrepreneur Yossi Tsuria and others. The name Rolla hints at the original concept of a rollable heating tray. In subsequent years, Rafi worked in conjunction with external advisors and engineers to develop a truly unique product. Initial engineering assistance came from Eng. Jerry Greenwald and initial support came from the PresentTense Organization. In later stages, Rafi collaborated with engineers worldwide in the fields of material engineering, heat dispersion, etc. to develop the HotMat – transforming vision into reality in terms of both design and performance

Every good design starts with some "mock up" working models: material for mockup number 2

warming tray design process
hotplate design

Mock up number 3: testing heat despersion

Shape study